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anqqaKirby Ferguson: Embrace the remixLuonut: anqqaMaanantai 05.05.2014 01:00

Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix. From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, he says our most celebrated creators borrow, steal and transform.

An idea permeates our modern view of relationships: that men and women have always paired off in sexually exclusive relationships. But before the dawn of agriculture, humans may actually have been quite promiscuous. Author Christopher Ryan walks us through the controversial evidence that human beings are sexual omnivores by nature, in hopes that a more nuanced understanding may put an end to discrimination, shame and the kind of unrealistic expectations that kill relationships.

When most well-intentioned aid workers hear of a problem they think they can fix, they go to work. This, Ernesto Sirolli suggests, is naïve. In this funny and impassioned talk, he proposes that the first step is to listen to the people you're trying to help, and tap into their own entrepreneurial spirit. His advice on what works will help any entrepreneur.

Ernesto Sirolli got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70's -- and quickly realised how ineffective it was.

Throughout the history of Islam, says journalist Bobby Ghosh, there have been two sides to jihad: one, internal, a personal struggle to be better, the other external. A small minority (most recently Osama bin Laden) has appropriated the second, using it as an excuse for deadly global violence against "the West." Ghosh suggests that, now that bin Laden's worldwide organization has fragmented, it's time to reclaim the word.

Bobby Ghosh is an Editor-at-Large at Time magazine, where he covers conflict, global affairs and the Middle East. He was the magazine's Baghdad bureau chief for five years.

DaealisTedTalks.Luonut: DaealisSunnuntai 14.10.2012 04:37

Beauty and Truth In Physics

Viihdyttävä iltapala.

anqqaAlain de Botton: Atheism 2.0Luonut: anqqaTiistai 28.02.2012 01:18

What aspects of religion should atheists (respectfully) adopt? Alain de Botton suggests a "religion for atheists" -- call it Atheism 2.0 -- that incorporates religious forms and traditions to satisfy our human need for connection, ritual and transcendence.

Through his witty and literate books -- and his new School of Life -- Alain de Botton helps others find fulfillment in the everyday.

We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity.

Shawn Achor is the CEO of Good Think Inc., where he researches and teaches about positive psychology.

erisgummaOlen tunteellinen olentoLuonut: erisgummaKeskiviikko 10.11.2010 01:41

Tekstittelin suomeksi
Vaginamonologeista tutun Eve Enslerin liverunoutta TED Talks -tapahtumasta:
Pienestä tyttöydestä meidän kaikkien sisällä.
Jälleen kerran itkin vuolaasti.
Tässä on musta jotain äärimmäisen todellista, koskettavaa ja herkkää.
Toivoisin tätä levitettävän kaikkiallekin.
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