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Saz-sanDear Dream Diary,Luonut: Saz-sanSunnuntai 20.05.2012 23:26

May 20th, 2012

I'm writing this in English, because I will be crossposting my Dream Diary entries to Tumblr. First I intended to post only there, but because it's complicated to answer to any replies there, I decided to post here, too. So, to my Galleria followers: you may like/reblog/comment these DD posts on as well, but here I will also be able to answer back to you. ;)

I decided to start a Dream Diary, because I see such vivid dreams almost every night. xD Therefore, I thought, "What the hell, lets share this (awesomeness) weirdness with the whole world!" As a sidenote, if I see a movie in the future that I recognize strangely familiar, I will know it was based on my dreams and I will sue your pants off~ But now, to the dream:

I dreamed a lot of stuff, as usual, but the one scene I remember, was where I was driving with my car on an icy mountain road, when I suddenly noticed I was almost out of gas. Luckily, I soon came by a gas station. I was also feeling a bit hungry, so I decided to buy something to eat as well. The store was fairly small, but as I stepped inside, I was amazed that they had a huge selection of candy. For example, there was a whole shelf for suckers only.

I had a real hard time selecting which flavor I would choose, because I didn't have a lot of money. Finally, I decided on a Strawberry cream Chupa Chups and a licorice bar. I almost forgot to pay for the licorice, but remembered at the last moment. Afterwards I cursed this, because the total sum of these two purchases was 8.20€ (10.41$) - and the lollipop cost only 0.20€ (0.25$)... I mean, what the hell? 8€ (10.16$) for one, little licorice bar? Robbery!

So, after I got out of the store, I did a little "FFFUUU dance" at the parking lot, which was, of course, witnessed by some teenagers who began sniggering at me. Because this clearly wasn't enough, I noticed that some mofo had stolen my car. At this point I was so angry I was just calm, and decided to steal one of the annoying teens' bike, because hey, eye for an eye, and whatnot. That is how I began my chase after the car thief: with a bike in the backwoods.

When I woke up, my first thought was: "Man, this clearly wasn't my night."
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