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Noreen was given life in fall 2011. Guitarist Teemu Rautiainen (previously of One Morning Left) had for some time dreamed about a melancholic pop band, for which he had already written some tunes. This dream was also shared by drummer Jukka Saarela (of Donkey Ride) who tipped Teemu of a friend of his, Jere Valkonen (a total nobody), Noreen’s future singer-to-be. The group of three started to work together and later in winter 2012 bassist Tuomas Auvinen (of Rustik) joined the band. They all had the same vision; Noreen would become something big!

In February 2012 Noreen released a demo called “Another Way”, which was recorded live in their band practice. It gained a lot of positive feedback so the next logical step was to hit the studio and record an actual single to conquer the world with. In June 2012 the band recorded two songs, “Another Way” and “Most Silent”, with producer Matti Kemppainen at Big Fat Studios, Helsinki. The process took quite some time, as the mixes were edged to meet the demands of the band, but finally in the October ’12 the songs were finalized and ready to introduce to the world.

“We take music seriously. We also take life seriously. But still (I hope), we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That is what I think makes Noreen unique, as our passion is to make great pop music with a meaning!” states lead vocalist Jere, as a proud father of the single “Another Way”.

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