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You got lost somehow
But I’m here for you now
My child, your wings are all broken
but you’re breathing

There’s no one but you to
decide whether to
Give in or fight your way through
To know the meaning
If not taken away

You said

That all the people are hanging on
To their dreams, but yours is gone
And so there’s nothing here
For you to believe in
And the demons in your head are not retreating

But I say

You’re somewhere in the middle of the rain but your sun
Is waiting at the horizon til the pain has gone
To paint your sky with rainbows

I wish I could be, I wish I could be like a rainbow
Bringing a smile on your face
I’ll keep you warm and I’ll keep you safe
When the light tries to escape from your eyes

How I wish you could see
I wish you could feel and believe in
In my love that awaits you everywhere
Darling, everywhere you go somehow I will know

‘cause we’re just people trying to hold on
each one of us on our own
Still we’re not alone, no we’re not alone
We’re all face to face with the great unknown

We’re somewhere in the middle of the rain but our sun
is waiting at the horizon for us broken ones (to see us come)
We’re somewhere in the middle...

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