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~I'm not worthless~

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(no Nooraa stalkkasin...)Torstai 13.12.2007 04:41

Is there somebody in your life that you could not survive without?

Who is the most beautiful person you know?
There is more than one...

Who in your life has hurt you the most?

Is there someone you know you should hate, but you cant?
nope, there is only one person I truly hate and yes, I can hate him very easily

Do you like someone as more than a friend right now?
mmmm... maybe... two actually... not talking about them..

What does your 10th most recent text say and who is it from?
"Uhh... niin kai sit xDD KAMEKAMEKAMEKAME!!!" from Marji-chan. löl

How often do you talk to this person?
...... aaaallllwaaayyyss~ x'D

Have you ever lost anybody close to you?

Is there anyone you trust even though you should not?
Don't think so... I'm not the person who trusts very easily

Who knows you best?
Have to say Marji-chan. Minna, Sanna and Tinde also

Ever given your all to someone who walked away?

Relationship or Hook-Up?

Few close friends or many acquaintances?
Few close friends <3

Ever had you heart broken?
Mmm... no...

Ever broken somebody else’s?
Yes, I have. Sorry <3

Ever love someone that wasn’t good for you?
I don't love (cruel, but true..)

How’s your heart lately?
Noooott very well, I guess. Cold and so

The last song you listened to?
Linkin Park - Papercut

What did you do yesterday?
Nothing really. Just work work work

Pick a scar on your body. Where'd it come from?
The one in my arm. Got it when I said "no" to him for a first time....

Who is your most religious friend?
mmmmm....... mmmmm... dunno O___O;; Marji-chan or Tinde

Who do you trust with your life?

If you could change your name to anything what would it be?
Won't tell ya~

What would you say if someone told you you were the most beautiful person in the world and they would do anything to wake up to your face each and every morning?
I probably would laugh my ass off...

What do you hate about your school?
I'm not student! >_<;;

Would you move to another country to be with the one you love?
YES! Bring me that horizon!

Name two things you would not tolerate in a relationship?
cheating and lying

Which one of your friends do you think would make a good prostitute?
O_____O;; No-one for God sake! Horrible question!

Are you afraid of falling in love?
......... What does it look like? HELL YEAH! >_>;;

Would you stop talking to your friends because you hooked up with a new person?

Fill in the blank. I love _____.
many things

What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future?
Move out from here to somewhere I can live only for me, where I don't have watch my back all the time, where I can finally breath.... and trust...

Honestly who’s on your mind right now?
DO.NOT.ASK. >_>;;

Shoe size?

What are you wearing right now?
trousers, t-shirt

Righty or Lefty?

Favourite pair of jeans?
I have two of them

favourite juice?
orange (plop-juice!!!)

Have you had the chicken pox?
A chicken WHAT?! O____O;;

Have you had a sore throat

Ever been in a fight with your pet?
My pets are swimming ones..... so no, I haven't

Ever been to Mexico?

Did you buy something yesterday?
Nope, I just took couple things... didn't pay them x'D

What are your plans for the weekend?
Mmmmm.... ;D Paaarttyyy~ \m/

Are you a forgiving person?
It depends....

Are you talking to someone while doing this?
to myself yes! xDDD

Where's the greatest place on earth?

What's the geekiest thing you own?
....... mmmm.... I don't think I really have any O__O;; PS?? Computer?? x'DDD

What school plays were you part of in elementary school?
I can't remember anymore O___O;; I was in few.. I was in snowwhite

What do you want to do with your life?
Mmm.. lots of things.

If a bear attacked you, would you know how to defend yourself?
I know what to do, but defend? No.... I'm not THAT good fighter! x'DDDDDD

Do you think it would be more fun to model or to shoot the photographs?
Mmmm... both are fun ^^ I've done both alot

Are you younger than 19?
Thank god no!

Have you ever kissed someone who’s name starts with a J?
Let me think for a while........... I might have..... I'm pretty sure I have...... YES! I have! I can remember!! x'DDDDDDD (kissed too many strangers?)

Do you have a crush on someone?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you like winter?
Only with snow, not without it

Do you like parties?

What was your first Msn?
Same as now

Do you like fruit?
only one?

How clean is your room?
My apartment looks...... pretty horrible right now, but usually it's clean. Now I'm just too lazy to do anything...

What are you excited for?
TOMORROOOOWWWW!!!! Paaarrttyyyyyy~

If you're single, why?
I think I'm just waiting........... and probably nothing will ever happen cause I live here, the other... too far away from here! (and I don't wanna let go......)

Things you first notice about the opposite sex:
Face, hair, arms, style

Do you tend to fall for people easily?
mmmm not really, I guess

What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
"O__O;;!! ....hottoa...." x'DDDDDD Marji-chan again...

Do you like talking on the phone?
yyeeaah~ (when I'm not too busy to do something else xDDDDD)

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