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THE 2 OF USTorstai 06.12.2007 16:34

Lying in my bed,Ithink of you
That song goes throught my head,the one we both knew
In each line lies another line full of sacred sound
But youre outside where the companies dream and the money goes round

Lying in my bed,
Watching my mistakes,
I listen to the band they said that it could be the 2 of us

The snow might fall and write the kines on the silent page
But youre outside making permanent love to the nuclear age
Two silhouettes by the cash machine make a lovers dance
Its a tango for the lonely wives of the business class

Lying in my bed,
Watching my mistakes
I listen to the band
Lying in my bed
With nothing much to say so I listen to the man
He said it could be the 2 of us

I heard you call from across the city throught the stereo sound
And so I crawled there sickening pretty as the money went round

Lying in my bed watching my mistakes
I listen to the band
And the drums beat in my head
Pianos chime the sound in this prison of the house
And as the illness comes again can you hear my throught the rain
As I listen to the band?
As I sing the silent song
Mime each lonely word
Please listen to the man he said that it could be the 2 of us

Alone but not lonely,you and me
Alone but loaded.......

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