1. In school, raise your hand for every question. Not just a little hand raise. Hold it straight up as high as you can. If the teacher calls on someone else, start to stretch up as tall as you can. Start to lift your butt off the seat, and began saying "Me! I know!" Look at your classmates around you and blabber, "I know the answer! I know it! I know I know it!"
2. If the teacher calls on you, go back to your normal sitting posistion and start your sentence with one of these phrases: "According to my calculations...", "After applying my prior knowledge I have concluded...", "Unlike (Student's name) I have reached the correct hypothesis", or "With some serious strategizing and with a little bit of brain..."
3. Pull up your pants! Do this in the middle of the hallway where everyone can see you. It's too obvious if you pull them all the way up, so just pull them up to your navel.
4. Hair Style: Boys, apply water onto your hair and slick back. Girls, a messy pony tail works, but also you can pull up a large amount of your hair and pin it just above your forehead. Wear a bow.
5. Make friends with other well-known nerds. Do this by starting a conversation such as "Whadda ya think about math, eh? Pretty nifty!"
6. How high you put your bag depends on the school you're on and even the country. If low hanging bags are fashion, put it up as high as possible.
7. When the bell rings, run out of the class as fast as possible, otherwise you'll come too late for the next class.


* If you have glasses and are getting knew ones, look for large unfashionable frames. But, if large frames are in style, go for as small as possible.
* Smile at all the popular kids, but not a true smile. This smile should be more of just a "showing off my teeth" smile.


* This could ruin your social life until you are into college, where you will be able to change again.
* Consider additional consequences.

Things u need
* Unfashionable accessories
* A calculator to carry in your belt loop
* Stretchy pants
* a pocket protector
* an erector set
* nerdy friends
* a 9.0 average

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