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This is a story of how the past always catches up with you. You may run; but you may not hide! The past returns from four flanks; and through the median connector; kindling back to flames every stick of yore; even the decaying bones of a past unreconciled...

≡ A Vision of the Heart of Islam ≡

"By those who extract with violence;
And those who remove with ease;
And those who glide as if swimming;
And those who race each other in a race;
And those who arrange each matter...

"On the Day the blast will convulse this creation,
There will follow it a subsequent blast.
Hearts, that Day, will tremble, their eyes humbled.
They are saying, "Will we indeed be returned to our former state?
Even if we should be decayed bones?""

— Surat An-Nāzi`āt ("Those who drag forth") - سورة النازعات

~ Ancient Sleepers @ Pattern Cave (feat. Allah & A/O) ~

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