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War of heartsTiistai 06.12.2005 00:24

I made you cry again,
crawl in pain and in everything.

I just wanted to be on my own,
all alone without love and care.

I just gave you a slap on cheek,
say that you're lying and it's cheap.
I said I hate you, but
I really, really love you…

You were cruýing out loud:
"please don't ever leave me"
I turned my back on you,
laughed like devil under you.

Keeping a promise I made to myself,
never ever loving anyone else.

Forgive me my past mistakes,
it was okay, or so you say.

Saying it wasn't my fault at all,
smile, that's all. I'm all OK.

Seeing all the bad things I made,
keeping the empty promise I made.
Will we ever be able to keep up
in this war of love?

Maybe it was me who said:
"please don't ever leave me"

You were right, and I was wrong.
So please, let's end this war of hearts.

Maybe there's is a place our love can live…

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