''Dance is my shortcut to happiness''

For someoneMaanantai 01.06.2009 14:20

I Love You
You're Beautiful
You're Sweet
You're An Angel
You're Hot
You're Sexy
You're Very Special
You Have A Very Pretty/Nice Body
You Have A Nice Smile
I Like You A Lot
Your Legs Are Pretty
You Look Wonderful/Great
You're Great
You're My Best Friend
You´re Sympathic
You're Really Talented
You're Really Smart
I Like That You are Honest
You Have A Really Cute Look
Simply You Are The Most Beautiful
Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend?
I Want To Kiss You
I Can See The Stars Shining In Your Eyes Tonight, As Bright And Pure As Your Soul...
I would Like To Meet You One Day
You Look Amazing
You're A Cute Girl
Your Laugh Makes Me Smile
I Enjoy Your Company
I Never Met Girl As Pretty As You
Ill Miss You
You're A Good Person
You've Got A Pretty Smile And Eyes
You're Very Smart And Good Girl
I Like Girls Like Yourself Because Your Beauty Shines
I Think You Are Good Kisser, Can You Show Me How Good Kisser Are You
Your Beauty Impresses Me
I Saw An Angel
You're The Most Precious Thing That I Have In My Life..

okeii... en tehny tätä ite mut tää oli nii Cool et baittasin

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