A rabbit hearted girl, frozen in the headlights

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Hang out with you? I´d rather die!Lauantai 30.10.2010 21:03

I don't wanna shake your dirty hand
I don't wanna live in lala land
Mumma said you're a bit naive
Or just a bitch, who forgot to eat!
No real rave and no release
Your life is so fucking empty!

You don't have to suck dick to succeed

-Perjantai 29.10.2010 04:30

If there is, please, let me know.

Wanna stay right hereTorstai 28.10.2010 19:46

If I should die this very moment
I wouldn't fear

I have grown so tired of this masqueradeLauantai 23.10.2010 22:01

I'm Morpheus please dance with me,
as always you can take the lead and
Guide me through the waltz of life,
sailing through the seas of night
I'm Morpheus please caress me,
hold my heart too weak to beat

I've shifted shape so many times
I've forgotten which one's mine
So sick and tired of being sick and tired
Tonight my life will lack it´s meaning
One final step before we're seeing...
For once I am happy my little friend
cannot comprehend what we are seeing

No words are needed, only a gaze, embrace
Contact the living, remember the dead...

It´s not fair, it´s not fair,
there was time now...
Kneeling down, take in the moment when
everything becomes finally clear.

!!!!!!Perjantai 22.10.2010 18:26

If ur looking for me, I´ll be in mah happy place
Lailailailai, näyttäskö jonkun jatko-osan kuvauksilta...
Huokaus, tyhmää innostua tästä nyt kun pitäis vielä yli vuosi ootella.

Take my hand and lets end it all!Torstai 21.10.2010 18:37

She took my hand and I let her go
She broke her little bones
On the boulders below
Took my hand and she ended it all
Broke her little bones on the boulders below
And while she fell, I smiled

Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie

Etkä sinä ole paikkaamassaSunnuntai 17.10.2010 23:03

Liitoksista hajoan
Eikä ketään ole nostamassa
nyt kun lattialle vajoan
Mä varjon alle vajoan

Oi miltä tuntuu
Tulla valosta varjoihin
Kohdata kasvoista kasvoihin
Kohdata kaikki se
minkä taakse olen jättänyt
Oi miltä tuntuu
Tulla valosta varjoihin
Kohdata kasvoista kasvoihin
Kohdata kaikki ne
jotka koskaan olen pettänyt

FortysomethingSunnuntai 17.10.2010 18:29

Oh my god my wife is in the park with lesbian! And ducks!

Doctor slippery- NO RORY, PUT THAT AXE DOWN! ...How can I help you?

-Can you not think anything else but sex?
-Well I think food occasionally

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