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All i have to say is goodbye..Maanantai 14.11.2011 17:43

..i still know you gonna miss me, u promised forever, u promised not to let go, and nothing will go before me, but you did everything wrong what you promised, that's why i can't be holding on....and it's so hard to say goodbye, when it comes to this. I hope that someday you will understand, what you lost...
I cried so much because of you, and all the pain, that you gave to my life, because of all the broken promises, because of ignoring me, because of letting me be so sad, u said that everything will work out, like .. 3 times, 3 times told me the truth that you did not even tried, so thats why i decided to let go.
We say goodbye in the pouring rain, and i'll break down as you walk away..
I chose to believe those pretty lies, and i don't blame you for making me feel good for a while..

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