-.....If you have ghosts, you have everything...-

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demons in me - kill the romance \,,/Tiistai 19.05.2009 03:00

You see i've been waiting too long
Blowing my world in this atmosphere
Today i am breaking the habit
I'm ready to kill you but i'm killing me

Have you seen me breaking under your eyes
Have you felt the danger form my side
I'm the king of my own place
And i'm afraid that i'm losing control

I can't stop this ache
I fed them once with the pain
They stayed my demons live in me
Never in sleep they'll always be with me
You would never understand
I live from the pain... made in my mind
How could i believe in saints
When they have taken all i ever believed in

Clean my soul wash it out world
I appreciate... together as we're... no
Clean my soul wash it out world
I appreciate we're floating in you and in me

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