IG - MagicZana

miks !Perjantai 17.09.2010 01:15

miks mul ei oo tullu mun koulukuvat viel:(

:(it hurtsSunnuntai 12.09.2010 21:03

mun kylkiluut:( sattuu helvetisti

<3Sunnuntai 12.09.2010 04:33

There's a dream
That I've been chasing
Want so badly for it to be reality
And when you hold my hand
Then I understand
That it's meant to be

Cuz baby when you're with me
It's like an angel came by, and took my to heaven
Cuz when I stare in your eyes
It couldnt be better

1yearTorstai 02.09.2010 23:41

love you more than everything else!<3

moi kaikkiSunnuntai 29.08.2010 03:39

riikka on ihana t. riikka
:))))))))))))9999999999 <<3
Baby Your All That I Want,
when you lying here in my arms
Im Finding it hard to believe were in heaven
(Shes my lady, my baby, my women)

Your love is heaven on Earth

TRUE!Perjantai 27.08.2010 01:35

Habib vie

jepTorstai 26.08.2010 01:02