"Thanks for breaking my heart"Maanantai 11.02.2008 00:13

" You know... I really love you", the girl said and smiled.
" I know." The boy answered. The girl didn't see the coldness in his eyes.

' I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with him... And I'm jealous of that girl who knows him better. I want to be the closest person to him, the one who knows him the most. I wanna know all about him.' The girl thought. She didn't know what was coming.

" Hey..." she started.
" Yeah?"
" You said we shouldn't lie to each other, right?"
" Yeah."
" I'll never lie to you. SO please don't lie to me, ok?"
" Yeah"

' Maybe I'm too insecure asking this kind of question, but...'

" Was there anything between you and that other girl?"
The boy didn't say anything. The girl stood up and looked at him.
" Hey?... Why won't you answer?"

The boy was still all quiet. The girl started feeling uneasy in her heart.
The boy turned his face away and looked to the floor.
And the girl realized what it meant.

The boy didn't love her anymore.
Maybe he hadn't loved her even in the first place.

" What is this? You've got to be kidding... Why are you doing this to me? Why are you-"
" Shut up! Just shut up, I..."
" Please, tell me... Why..." the girl said and didn't even try to stop her tears.
" You have to understand... We are not meant to be! We have no future!"
" But I... I believed in you! I LOVED you!!"
" Didn't I say shut up?!"
" But I love y-"
" WELL I DON'T LOVE YOU! I HATE YOU! I hate you the most!!"

The boy ran off the girl's house, and never came back. The girl didn't move in twenty minutes. After that, she collapsed to the floor. She buried her face in her hands and cried the night away. She woke up in the morning, feeling empty.

Empty and lonely, like a little rose in the deep ocean of miseries.

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