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SuruSunnuntai 30.04.2006 15:09

I dont knw how things got the way they did, but all i knw is that its serious shit from hell. Things were so perfect in the begining, so unbelievably good. I dont even knw wht to do anymore and somehow i feel like its all my fault although everyone keeps telling me its not and that there was nothing i could do. I just never thought it would ever come to this and i so resent it. I wish it would just blow over. I dont wanna move on because in my mind i found someone that i finally trusted and felt like i could be comfortable with. I cried so much over this already that i cant even cry any more tears out. Its horrible. I wish, that even with the smallest of possibilities that i could atleast become friends in the long run if nothing else because i really do like the person alot. I wish ppl would see that and that i never meant to hurt anyone in the process and if i did then im sorry from the bottom of my heart. I just so want him to figure things out and see that in the end its not such a horrible thing and if this is how things will end ill come to miss him alot alot alot. I never meant for things to turn out the way they did. Forgive me everyone for everything, at least thats all i can ever pray for. I dont knw wht else i can do or say, im just so at a loss. If things are truly over then i deffinetly dont want it to be over like this. Things were never supposed to go this way and i truly want the best for everyone.
p.s. feeling better now though, after a few talks :) and in the true words of various ppl "Fuck It, You're Still Great!"

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