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ExamsTiistai 02.05.2006 14:42

Today was the first exam of numerous upcoming ones. T'was english paper one, went ok, not the best, but passable. My heads in so many places at the mo. and i cant even concentrate nor study, such a shitty clitty. At least I have great friends I can lean on ;) I watched 4 movies yesterday, had fun cryin over some of em, so sad :( watched save the last dance, lost in translation (for like the 4th time), the notebook (so fuckin great! love that movie!), and mona lisa smile (again). Im really startin to like Julia Stiles, shes got character. I wanna watch closer again today (for the 6th time) along with eternal sunshine. i think :P also maybe even interview wit a vampy. Can u tell im tryin to keep my mind off of things? lol. Gotta study for math paper one for tmr, im so fucked :S i need allllll the luck i can get right now. I hope everyones exams go well, they all deserve it! well i gotta go do some movie stuff now, lol. catch ya laterz peeps!

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