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TiredPerjantai 05.05.2006 21:46

hoooolycrap im tired, just got home, blaaa. The weather is so nice today! Had my final bio exams, now math and bio are officially done with forever, YES! so glad its the w-end, have time to catch up on sleep *snooze*. i think i shalt eat something small now, get ready, pretty myself up, and head on back into town, have some ho's waiting for me, hahah. Im so bored, its unbelievable how bored ppl can get. But yes, now to eating, adios mi amigos!

Continuation: just got back home from being out wit steph, dan, mona, julie, tom and 2 other dudes, said hi to sasha and nadia too, woot woot! gosh steph and dan are so fun to b around these days :S who knew! mona was über hot too, but thats a given! (love ya bitch!) anywho, we were all out tonite, fun filled fun! gosh im really gonna sleep like a baby tonite. got up at 7:28 and have been in town since 11:30 untill 7 and then headed back out at 9:30, so yea, im pretty pooped. g'nit all!

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