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I'm fucking Matt Damon
You're fucking Matt Damon?
Well, I'm fucking Hannah Montana
She's fucking Hannah Montana
Backstage at my concert
Fucks me on my parents' bed
After school, at my locker,
In the car I give her head
I'm also fucking the Flava
Yeah, boy She's fucking Flava-Flav, fool||
You know what time it is
Because I'm fucking Juney too
Yeah, I know, but it's true
Flava-Flav, he fucks me too
And I swap with Calvin
And he swaps with that dude
And we're all fucking Hellboy
Yeah, they're fucking Hellboy
And I'm fucking the Hulk
When I get really mad
I start fucking Iron Man
A most uncomfortable screw
But I fuck the princess too
Who's that ringing on my bell?
The bitch who's fucking Iron Man
That's l-R-O-N M-A-N
And I fuck him in the mouth
That's fucking great
Because I'm fucking Wolf
He's fucking Wolf
Ain't that a pity?
Because I'm fucking those bitches
From Sex and the City
He fucks the Sex and the City gals
So I wondered:
Would Wolf really get jealous...
...if he knew we were fucking
that guy with the big utility belt?
They're all fucking Batman
At Wayne Manor, in the Batcave
Butler Alfred is our love slave
Riddle me this
Holy bathhouse
I'm fucking Amy Winehouse?
He's fucking Amy Winehouse
Yeah, on the down-low, low, low
And I'm fucking Jessica Simpson
'Cause I'm on blow, blow, blow
She's fucking Jessica Simpson
Oh, yeah
And I think I might have fucked
That hot assassin
Everyone's fucked me
And I've fucked them back, you see
And the Mexican too
With the tragic hairdo
Call it, heads, I'm fucking J. T.
I'm fucking that male model
'Cause he's so fine
And I like to get up
In them Calvin Kleins
It's true, J. T. Fucked my ass again
But I'm also fucking Prince Caspian
I am handsome and I am cool
That's why this prince
Fucks the kids from high school
Come on
Let's hear it
Now's the time to party
Let me hear you
You know what time it is?
No, what time is it?
It's time to get fucked
Fuck me
No, fuck me
Fuck me
He fucks all us kids in high school
Under the bleachers, in the showers
While we're changing for gym class
I'm fucking Oprah
I'm fucking Obama
I'm fucking Indiana's ass
She's fucking Indiana
And I'm fucking Hancock
He's fucking Hancock
And I'm fucking Beowulf
You know you like it
And I'm fucking Kung Fu Panda
And I'm fucking Michael Jackson
Don't judge me
I love my animals, you see
Oh, yeah, he's fucking the Chipmunks
Sad to say, but it's true
He fucks the Chipmunks, yeah

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