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[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 07.12.2005 14:37

I got that boy..
05/12/2005 yaaaaaayy!

Hej..Sunnuntai 04.12.2005 00:44

I'm with Annika at home and we are eating chips..

I think Än's gone grazy..Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 21:44

I was dancing and jumping around the room and laughing about nothing...I took one of my balloons and hit my head with it and laughted loud..i was grazy..It's because i'm tired and wanted to be free [väljaelama]. I sang songs loudly..
And now I'm going to do some gymnastics and after that is a drum and bass party..and after the party i want to visit some friends..

Tired...Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 20:18

Dear God,

I got your amazing Bible and i think you're wrong..Anteeksi..!
I'll have to go to the shop and buy some food when i want to live on.It's raining, the wind is accident i could fly away..we don't want it to happen....=P
I'd rather starve than go to the shop..What should i do..?Do you want me to die???
Oh God, help me...You're always away when i need you...
Okay....i must go to the shop, you aren't helping me...
...and..i won't write you back..
It sucks..!

You suck..

From love,

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 20:01

I'm at my present home and it is so cold in here..everywhere is cold..Iceage is coming "you know" our former english teacher told.
I asked my room-mate to put the music i could run in circles around the room.
i put my wintercoat on, it's very cold here..
Black Eyed Peas is a very good running music band.
I love this boy!!!
I would like to come to Finland and stay here forever...!

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 14:50

I'm sitting in the computers classroom and waiting for the lesson to's cold and i want to drink a cup of a nice hot tea...
It's Cold , very cold, i want to see a boy who is in the same house at the same time..maybe....or else he is in school...[i'm in the mansion]..
Fakkkkkkk! I don't know when to put " in, on, at, off, for, from etc."..It makes me angry..
just a few minutes left and our teacher should be here and the booooring lesson could begin..yeakk! 45 cold minutes..
and there she comes...

SingingTiistai 29.11.2005 17:44

I'm going to tell my choirteacher that i'm going to leave the choir because the teacher is stupid and these songs are ment to be sing by sixyear- old kids and i don't like to waste my time on it.
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