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we just babies manTorstai 01.12.2005 23:10

One day.. while I was sipping some groove juice I realised... that in the
span of time we're just's all relative, time is unreal. We just babies man.

cash rules everything around meTiistai 29.11.2005 20:15

yeah. paska olla broke. lahjoituksi otetaan vastaan 24/7... millo muhiksel olikaa se punase ristin päivä?

peace to liban, muhis a.k.a. mähmät kilo, Ike my one and only cuzzzzzzz, and daniel a.k.a. saharan kauhu, and besse joka hoitaa kaikki mun jämät ;) ahahahhahah

kuka keksi tän jutunTiistai 29.11.2005 20:03

i guess i can just write wateva the fizzuck i wizzant in here since no ones reading it anyway hahahahahahahhahahahahahah... heres smthn new:
WHY are we here?
WHY where we raped with the confedarate spear?
deary me... fuck me to the power of ten my dear.

trying to play me like a fool, eh, well i get fresh rhymes everyday, heyhey i order them from ebay.

questionsTiistai 22.11.2005 21:42

Why dont you explain, how did Hip-Hop get caught up in this ill Rap game?

In Hip-Hop who they following, the niggaz with skills or the niggaz who be hollerin?

hähTiistai 22.11.2005 21:30

lord help me out now, we gotta get together, no matter the weather, its a black sunday.

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