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2.Power craft
5. KÄTSY KALLE (tarjoustalosta)
kätsykalle sen olla pitää

Dinner choisesKeskiviikko 29.10.2008 10:38

#1 Take it
#2 Leave it

Shayne ward- no promisesKeskiviikko 29.10.2008 10:14

I don't wanna run away
i don't wanna be alone
baby now i need to hold you tight
now and forever my love
no promises

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 24.10.2008 13:21

Take this life, I'm right here
Stay awhile and breathe me in

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 23.10.2008 20:18

Over and Over i Fall for You

I don't careKeskiviikko 22.10.2008 00:02

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care, I don't care
just go and leave this all behind
I don't care, I don't care

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 20.10.2008 19:19

törmäsin jopea puhuvaan tomppaan

ai ei vai?Keskiviikko 08.10.2008 23:50

joo täs ois tällanen nappis jol ei oo pari ja sit sisäpeli kenkä jol ei oo parii et vaik näil ei oo parii nii niis on sellast taikaa joka toimii ku laskee 100000 ja sit rovaniemelki iha hyvin et siel ne toimii parhaite, et jos vaihtaisit toho sun mersuu!?

tired of being your unofficial girl.Perjantai 03.10.2008 12:01

Pay it forwardsTorstai 02.10.2008 23:36

Calling all angels

a man is placed upon the steps, a baby cries
and high above the church bells start to ring
and as the heaviness the body
oh the heaviness settles in
somewhere you can hear a mother sing

then it's one foot then the other
as you step out onto the road
how much weight? how much weight?
then it's how long? and how far?
and how many times before it's too late?

calling all angels
calling all angels
walk me through this one
don't leave me alone
calling all angels
calling all angels
we're cryin' and we're hurtin'
and we're not sure why...

and every day you gaze upon the sunset
with such love and intensity
why it''s almost as if
if you could only crack the code
then you'd finally understand what this all means

but if you you think you would
trade it in
all the pain and suffering?
ah, but then you'd miss
the beauty of the light upon this earth
and the sweetness of the leaving

calling all angels
calling all angels
walk me through this one
don't leave me alone
callin' all angels
callin' all angels
we're tryin'
we're hopin'
we're hurtin'
we're lovin'
we're cryin'
we're callin'
'cause we're not sure how this goes