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Best VPN for TorrentsPerjantai 31.01.2020 16:39

Looking for the Best VPN for Torrents with?

Back in the days tracking downloaded and/or shared files was a bit more anonymous. Through out the years with rapidly evolving technology privacy online has become almost non-existent. Big companies can access and review all kinds of information about the user, his computer, visited websites, clicked links etc. With other words there is enormous transparency.

One of the main problems in the past few years has been the rise of piracy.

If you download a file without paying for it it’s considered theft and therefore a criminal offence.

There are countless agencies in ever growing numbers, which are perusing offenders in order to make money out of them around the globe. It has become a daily occurrence that people receive court orders with enormous fines by post.

Here is how copyright agents work:

Content creators join public peer-to-peer networks and use key words to identify and locate a file (music, movies etc) that they own. Once they see a song or a video being shared they confirm that the file is complete as opposed too fractural. In order to do so the file is downloaded and reviewed. For example in the case of a movie a copyright agent watches key peaces and records information from the video file creating a unique digital identifier called hash.

After the agent confirms that a file has been shared into a peer-to-peer network without authorization they identify the Internet protocol or the IP address of the computer or account sharing the file. Each Internet IP address is assigned to a specific ISP. Content owners convey the IP addresses to the ISP who then in turn determine who the subscribed account was assigned to. Then they pass the information to the copyright agent.

With this knowledge users should protect themselves from being exposed and they can do so by using VPN for torrents. Check out this VPN master review to find out which VPN you need.

The way VPN for torrents work is by protecting the identity of the user and keeping anonymous downloading and uploading when using torrents.

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