[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 23.01.2009 13:01

You don't know what it's like to be with you
I need some time to think, so let me be
I've got to tell you what I'm going through
The writing's on the wall, now can't you see?

Got to breathe, my apologies
You can't get around with me so I just got to go
Disbelief and constant grief
Sour aftertaste was all I ever came to know

When I smile, all the tears I can't make them stop
When I try to connect, you will always block
And you curdle my cream like a lemon drop

Don't you know
You're vinegar in my dreams (2x)
You're vinegar in my mind

You may be right, I may have been a fool
But those days are gone and now you're history
You think you're dope, but boy, you're far from cool
Just like a discord in a symphony

Like the rain washing down the drain
Don't you realize a thing like this will not sustain
And it's not a shame, 'cause you're just a stain
You should know that in the end the song remains the same


Don't you know, don't you know
You're the dirt in my eye when I try to see
You're the smoke in my lungs when I try to breathe
And you're no good at all, when I need sleep
Don't you know
You're vinegar in my dreams
You're vinegar in my, my dreams
You're vinegar in my dreams

You can't bring me down, now it's too late
No more tears, and no more hearts to break



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