Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess them.

Saikano - UNSOLVED
1. Boy has sex with dead robot. Everyone dies.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
2. A miner and a delinquent team up with an underage girl for the purpose of fighting a race war.

3. Illegal immigrants must stay hidden from the authorities, though they aren't very good at it.

One Piece
4. Small people with random skills go on a road trip and fight large people with government connections.

God Hand
5. A cocky punk fights against demons, dominatrices, wrestling gorillas, hard gay thugs and other freaks capable of killing him very dead with his replacement arm.

6. A guy does jigsaw puzzles in his efforts to track down his ex-girlfriend, who might not even exist, and apologize to her. When he finally touches her, she explodes. World 1 is the final stage. Hold X too long, and the game never happened.

7. The fanciest frontend to Microsoft Excel you'll ever see.

Street Fighter IV - UNSOLVED
8. Stereotypes from around the world continue their grudges while dealing with Doctor Manhattan.

Tetris - UNSOLVED, Hei oikeesti :----D
9. Building supplies drop from the sky, and you must use them to erase any sign of your hard work to build the Kremlin. Failure Is The Only Option.

Dwarf Fortress
10. Micromanage a collection of absent-minded, depressed, alcoholic midgets with beards into building an underground house in the middle of a hostile wilderness.

Runaways - UNSOLVED
11. Five teenagers have a spat with their parents and run away from home.

Johnny Bravo - UNSOLVED
12. Good-looking but sleazy Elvis impersonator who lives with his mother gets into weird hijinks and gets beat up by nearly every woman he meets.

13. After a caravan purchase goes wrong, boxing managers end up in a convoluted heist plot with Loads And Loads Of Characters dying.

Iron Chef - UNSOLVED
14. Two people play a game to see who can cook the best food in one hour. They are judged by a panel of D-list celebrities. Home team wins.

15. A spaced-out but shy waitress plays matchmaker with her friends, whilst an old man who can never leave his apartment tries to set her up with a weird guy who works in a porn shop.

World of Darkness - UNSOLVED
16. A world that looks like our own, but there's secret monster societies hidden in every shadow. Vampires angst about being vampires and play politics, werewolves are either ecoterrorists or spiritual border patrol guards depending on the version, and mages fight against reality. And it's entirely debatable whether the humans who fight the monsters are any better than the creatures they hunt.

Aquaria - UNSOLVED
17. A young girl embarks on a voyage of self discovery, finds love and murders an entire pantheon. She also makes a hell of a pierogi.

Chu Chu Rocket - UNSOLVED
18. You place arrows on a flat surface, causing numbers to go up and down.

Shenmue - UNSOLVED
19. A guy's father is killed. He collects toys, plays arcade games, and adopts a kitten. He never avenges his father.

Spelunky - UNSOLVED
20. A tiny man dressed like Indiana Jones travels through a ridiculously dangerous cavern in search of treasure, populated by Goddamned Bats, spiders, snakes, yetis, and lots of spikes. The game's different every time, but 99% of your sessions will end in the tiny man's untimely death.

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