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Don't have faith in liesMaanantai 04.06.2007 14:51

Lies, so many lies. You sell me your lies and i buy them like a fool!

Lies, they surround us both. Becouse of your lies i still love you.

Lies, will hurt us. You tell me that you love me, but it's a lie.

Lies, making me happy. But you only want to hurt me with all your lies.

Lies, making me mad. You think that i will forgive you.

Lies, they are youre little sins. I have to make you pay for your sins.

Lies, are now hurting you. I burried you with all your lies.

Lies, they are no more. They are burried in my backyard, with you my dear.

Lies, that's the price. Price is your life...

Must be poem...Keskiviikko 23.05.2007 18:36

I had a dream of you last

I don't know is it wrong
or right.

I wanna lay next to you,
watch the moon shine.

Make you feel loved and
hold you tight.

You would be my reason to
live, my reason to wake up
evey morning.

You would make me smile,
make me happy and make my
life worth living.

You and only you could be
the one...

Runonpätkä, upeetaTiistai 06.03.2007 01:26

Shadow of you, haunting my mind

Can't sleep, can't think

Blood all over me, but it's not mine... It's yours.

This can't be real, you are long gone

Reflection of past doesn't leave me alone
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