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Pöllin :ista. Torstai 06.12.2007 20:36

How aSi4N are you?!

[] Are you asian in the first place?
[] Were you born in an asian country?
[ ] Do YoU tYpE lIkE tHiS aLoT?
[x] Do you eat rice almost every single day?
[x] Can you use chopsticks?
[] Have you taken chinese/korean/etc school as a kid?
[] Can you speak an asian language?
[]Do you spike(guys)/highlight(girls) your hair?
[] Do you have an "azn crew"?
[ ] Do you get at least a 3.0 gpa? - mikä hiton... XD

Total: 2

[x] Have you designed a website b4? - siskosen kanssa joo
[x] Do you know the song "got rice?"
[ ] Do your sns/email have/had the words: AzN, gurl, boy, sweet, cute, hot, dragon, babe, angel, lil, princess, Xx...xX, oO..Oo, etc?
[x] Do you take off your shoes before entering someone's house?
[] You have both an asian and an english name
[x] Do you watch anime?
[ ] Do you listen to techno?

Total: 4

[x] Do you listen to asian music?
[x] Have you watched asian movies?
[x] Can you talk really fast??
[ ] Do you drink pearl milk tea or bubble tea?
[ ] Do you play a lot of computer games
[ ] Are you a master at DDR?
[ ] Do you play the violin/piano/clarinet?
[ ] Do your parents beat you up if you get bad grades?
[] Do you/your parents drive an asian made car?

Total: 3

[x] Do you draw?
[ ] Do you speak ur asian language w/ ur friends?
[] Do your relatives own a restaurant/market in an asian community?
[x] Do you slurp soup? - joskus.. XD
[x] Do you know what kimchee is?
[ ] Have you visited your home country (Asia) at least once?
[ ] Does your house smell like incense once in awhile?
[ ] Do you have/had glasses or braces?
[ x] Do you like to read?
[ ] Do you have an allowance?

Total: 3

[ ] Have you eaten dim sum/dumplings before? - whataa...??
[ ] Do you have tons of cousins/siblings/uncles/aunts/etc
[x] Can you twirl a pencil between your fingers
[x] Have you ever solved a rubric's cube?
[x] Do you read manga?
[ ] Is the mall your hang out place?
[ ] Do you think that you're short?
[x] Do you/your parents save ketchup pckts/napkins/etc from restaurants for "later use"? -joskus minä XD
[] Do you have asian pride? - en tiiä o.O

total: 4

juuuh... 16 XD

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