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Why Are You Looking Grave?Sunnuntai 30.10.2005 00:15

"tampere. i offer you all a Nurkka_-free vacation for a couple of days, but give me a hearted welcome when i come back (IF i come back)... . " -lainaus poissa viestistä-

let me tell you a story..

at thursday we started our trip to tampere. at the road we saw taxi in the oja, and we laughted at the driver, and kuinka ollakaan, few moment later our car losahti abaut 41 km (sorry hanna, huijasin hieman) before tampere and we couldn't jatkaa matkaa.
fortunately it wasn't our car, it was my uncle's..
then a nice lady from luoma lähikauppa took us to pälkäne where from we ride with bus to tampere.
it was very nice to carry my heavy bag all through the tampere.
we kaadettiin applepuu and jalava with chainsaw and it was pretty scary. we had to vetää that applepuu a little bit sivuun ettei se hajottanu aitaa, but can you guess who got hit in the head by it? yes yes, it was me! me! me!
at night we went to pubivisa, and we came 3rd in it. the victory was screwed from us by one beatles question, but the protesti on vetämässä..
at friday my cousin's daughter called me a "hevi-setä" and i'm very proud of that. friday night we went to hevi concert where we saw stratovarius, hammerfall and 10 secs. of the wingdom's gigs loppu. then i left alone to hima and surely you can guess who got lost in the city for 20 mins.. that's right, of course, me! me! me!. then, after ponitless hortoilu, i got lost again and jotenkin i got back on the right road again..
today we had to travel back with bus, and it was so fckn' boring that we had to drink lonkero and salmari all the way to sysmä.
was it a fun trip?: no joo no niin no, jep. and still my korvat sirrittää.

ai niin, and the vesku jokinen tönäs minuu when i was leaving and jonotin for the narikka, and he went through the jono to the toiletti, uu i'm so melkein sukua julkkikselle!!

np. Charon - Colder

(WTF! again i've lost so much weight, 3 kgs. last week 3,5 kgs disappeared for a day, and the earlier tampere-trip took abaut 4 kgs from me.. what is wrong with me.. o_O)

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