Ted The Polar Bear
You got a nine inch nail in your head
You're waiting something better to become
As you're lying in a vibrated heart shaped bed
Finish line hasn't been crossed yet
You have the edge to play with the feds
To place more bet when should be running away
Danger takes beyond the distance
You're bad without assistance

And you're playing the role of god
Wanna be the most shining star
But no, you're down, you're out, last call right now
The sum of all we despise

So long, gotta go, move on!

Repeat after me, oh yeah!
Repeat after me, hell yeah!

You wanna sink us all
Your cojones are too small
You wanna put us down but you're doing it too loud
You think you're doing it right
But you're shutting off your lights
Last round, Fucker!

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