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Last dayTorstai 01.12.2005 01:22

Today i had my last day at work. It was ok. My boss was nice today and i get a present from all. All nice people there. I will miss Thomas and Rupert i think.

Today Duni says that she miss my in internet, because i was not online today in the morning and she says that she wrote in my irc galleria. And then is say if i get shocked when i see it in evening and she said "NO" . But i was very shocked.

40 comments. OMG

She is crazy.

We girlz are all crazy.

So Eerika is now in Kuopio. I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. LUV YA SO.
But i think she will enjoy the time so much.

So tomorrow i must do a little bit work and then i go shopping for Suomi.

Now just 2 days and the i will fly to Suomi too. YES YES YES.

I´m so tired, i think i´m going to bed sooner. I can´t phone with Eerika so i can go sleep earlier. But i must wait til my dad call me and i must fetch him from the tavern. I hope he call me soon.

I say to you now

Hyvää yötä ja kauniita unia!!


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