To EuforiaMaanantai 08.05.2006 03:28

Pure Devotion, Its magic... Static.. Heart2Heart.. close ur eyes and joy the ride.. Reach out and touch faith. Feel

I might be wrong saying that i feel lonely, because i have alot of friends around me all the time but still not the 1ONE who i could trust all my deepest secrets and that would worship the ground im walking on...

For the moment im litterally an emotional trainwreck, dont have any idea of what to think or what to do about stuff. Its already springtime and the summer is knocking on the door already to be unleashed and still i feel that ive accomplished quite a few things that i wanted to do before.

Im stuck in this fucking shithole of a "town" ( Hangö ). /Yaakkkk/ I just wanna get away from here as far as possible, people are so thickheaded here that its unreal. Always the same people u meet on the streets and the same "CollegeFuckfest" each weekend where every 13-2x yr old gets drunk and fucks wildily around and like every1 has been with eachother at somepoint in the process and its Disgusting.

Hangö [x]
[ Class ]
> [ Trash ] Totally....

"I see your true colors shining true, i see your true colors and thats why i love u"

You might think im totally weird or mentally unstable based on what i just wrote, but the fact remains. This is the truth and nothing else and im just one of 6 billion invaders on mother earth so my opinion doesnt exactly make the biggest difference.

Now ill concentrate and push my studies until the summer is here and then im just gna lay back and enjoy the ride and see whats comming my way. <3 Tim

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