sydämeltäni ylpeä hölmöläinen 12.04.2007 04:18

"Hot Cha! You are:

62% Dateable!
That's equal to the Worldwide Dateability Average of 62%!
You are neither more nor less dateable than your peers— welcome to the land of mediocrity, home of the masses! You have an undeniable animal magnetism, but you're just as likely to attract small animals as you are to attract human beings. Nevertheless, the people you flirt with generally find you funny and cute, or "fute." You have good hygiene, which is an imporant aspect of relationships involving two or more people. Avoid seafood and walks in the woods.

Compared to 3,751,983 other test-takers...
38% less dateable than you — 8% like you — 54% more dateable than you"


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