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weird... feeling...Keskiviikko 10.05.2006 00:00

I dunno, i rlly dunno... I dunno anything now... I dunno why... doesn't make sense... but sometimes I just go all blank :/
We'r gonna have a Finnish test tomorrow... and I had an extra Finnish lesson today, after school. Cos I have a horroble feeling about the test... :o
I could feel the nerv coming on... -.-'
oh well... ah, they'r gonna have a Grography test on Friday when I'm enjoying Sweden xD MUAHAHAH!! just kiddin', I'm not that evil... =P Mom's gonna graduate some degrees in Sweden, so we'r gonna go see xD I'm so happy, dunno how's my old classmates there going on... I wish my bestfriend Joanna was still there... sometimes u only realizes the quality of the friendship u had when they'r gone... :/ Now I've lost contact with her... she's far away in Canada... :'( I hope someday, she'll find my e-mail address and send an e-mail... I luv u God, I have to keep on praying... I hate Satan SO much, I just hate him... I was like maybe 5cm to him, but God grabbed me back xD. Okay, why am I talking 'bout this?... :/ When I'm insane, I don't even understand myself sometimes... =S
I'm so happy that Summer's coming, Denmark & China, here I come! xD woo, it's gonna be HÅT der!! x) <33
Cute day!! xD c ya!

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