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........miksiSunnuntai 30.05.2010 22:52

30.05.2010 19:35 <Ääliö> ONKS ELIAS NY VANKILAS, KU SEHÄ OLI ''SALAKULJETTANU'' 26,6kg HUUMEITA!!?? :'o
30.05.2010 19:36 <Viisas> Kai toi oli läppä? Olihan? OLIHAN?!
30.05.2010 19:36 <Viisas> Jos ei ollut niin saanen työntää haarukan silmääsi ja kääntää sitä ympäri 3 kertaa myötäpäivään?
30.05.2010 19:36 <Ääliö> EN TIIÄ MUT SEISKAS LUKI NII? :(
30.05.2010 19:38 <Viisas> Ai seiskassa luki että Elias on vankilassa? :)
30.05.2010 19:38 <Viisas> Työnnän ihan just sen haarukan sinne sun silmään.
30.05.2010 19:39 <Ääliö> ai mun..? ÖÖ!? sitä paitsi.. en oo varma oliks se seiska lehti!
30.05.2010 19:40 <Viisas> Naamapalmusin mun naaman irti.


VittuPerjantai 28.05.2010 03:09

Vitulla päähänTiistai 25.05.2010 01:05

Welcome to my wonderland
It'll take time to find out where we stand
In all this mess
There was the first day for me too
And I had no guide and I was lost like you
I still am

Welcome to my life
You see it is not easy
But I'm doing all right
Welcome to my dream
It's the only one who needs me
And stays right by my side



*facepalm*Sunnuntai 23.05.2010 20:31

23.05.2010 15:04 <Nimetön> Elias rokkaa mun sukat!!!!
23.05.2010 15:11 <Nimetön> Elias<3<3<3<3
23.05.2010 15:13 <Nimetön> Niimpä elias on ihana<3<3<3<33<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<33<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
23.05.2010 15:16 <Nimetön> no jopas oli sydänraiskaus
23.05.2010 15:17 <Nimetön> mitä se on?? eiks raiskaus oo joku seksi juttu?

Vuoden naurut

yUMESunnuntai 23.05.2010 18:01

Your love's a gathered storm I chased across the sky
A moment in your arms became the reason why
And you're still the only light that fills the emptiness
The only one I need until my dying breath
And I would give you everything just to
Feel your open arms
And I'm not sure I believe anything I feel

And now, now that you're near
There's nothing more without you
Without you here


And then I woked up, and saw the empty wall next to me without your picture in it

And I realized that it was just a dream

Apuva!Lauantai 22.05.2010 19:41


Tommosia paitoja ja pikkarieta ja kaikkeja sais myyvä =)

ASKJDNAOFIAOS ;____;Lauantai 22.05.2010 17:55

I was only looking for a shortcut home
but it's complicated
so complicated
somewhere in this city is a road I know
where we could make it
but maybe there's no making it now

too long we've been denying
now we're both tired of trying
we hit a wall and we can't get over it
nothing to relive
it's water under the bridge
you said it, I get it
I guess it is what it is

I was only trying to bury the pain
but I made you cry and i can't stop the crying
was only trying to save me
but I lost you again
now there's only lying
wish I could say it's only me

here it comes ready or not
we both found out it's not how we thought
that it would be, how it would be
if the time could turn us around
what once was lost may be found
for you and me, for you and me


Lifehouselta on tullu uus levy ;O; Voih!


EIHHPerjantai 21.05.2010 19:23

Miksi nauran ihan kuiville jutuille XDDDDDD

XDDDD repeilen tuplahypärilläPerjantai 21.05.2010 13:14


Aww!Perjantai 21.05.2010 12:36

Miksi tuo on minusta söpö? ;__;