.. ihana biisi by the distillers....Sunnuntai 16.12.2007 22:15

la girl

this is the story about a circle of women
very fucked up women
on an la mission
this is the glory gonna get their hooks in gonna drag you way down
do ya wanna go home soon?
oh god almighty what the fuck happened to you?
cause i am not red, white, and blue
outta mind your outta sight
every day and all fucking night
i watch you pale, i watch you walk on through

then she went glassy a sawn-off tragedy
a deliverence in the city, a new beginning
power and glory in the name of your enemies
you sell your restless casualty for power and glory

god almighty what the fuck happened to you
cause i am not red white and blue
walk on through this heat

do i miss you?
i dont miss you at all


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