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ei oo ees pitkäMaanantai 28.04.2008 01:32

So I did something bad, really bad, and I need to get it off my chest. Let me start from the beginning.

There was this chick at work, and she was HOT, like really hot. As in sear your very eyeballs and harden your cock with a mere glimpse of her fine female form. We will call her Jen(because it is short and easy to type). She is perfect in everyway, and after about a week of working with her I found myself thinking of her all hours of the day and night. It is important to note though, that my thoughts of her were completely sexual in nature. I did not think of having long talks, or watching sappy movies, oh no. I imagined banging her endlessly in every one of her presumably tight holes. Nothing is perfect though. The problem with this perfect example of bang-able broad was that she had a boyfriend, an overprotective ape of a man with the IQ of a teapot. There is an upside to the boyfriend though; he is out of town most of time (army I think). However, her being a “good Christian women” the chances of her wanting to cheat on ape-man with me are basically 0. Plus, they show no signs of breaking up, so the idea of just waiting was too depressing to consider.

Thus, I started having rape fantasies. Not just any rape though, a rape of Jen. The thought of raping any other female was unappealing, but the thought of stretching out Jen’s tight conservative holes while ape man is away made me hard at the very thought. Weeks pass and the fantasies get worse, I start dreaming about it, I think about it constantly, it haunts nearly every moment of my life. It is hard to explain but something like this consumes you, it makes you into something you never would have thought you could become. One day something snapped inside, it was like a dam breaking, suddenly years of social conditioning and the belief that rape is wrong gives way to the ocean of lust welling within me.

That brings us to the planning stage. Now I have seen my share of CSI, and watched plenty of the Documentary channel about rapist and murderers and how they catch them. So with this knowledge I start plotting a way to fulfill my fantasy and not get caught.

The first step in my mind is to figure out were she lives, I accomplish this easily (her information is available at work without any hassle). After I have her address I swing by one day on my lunch break, while I’m sure she’s at work. It turns out she lives in an average house on a nice sized corner lot. She has a neighbor on the right side, but on the other side is a street and then a vacant lot. There are also neighbors across the street facing her house. Behind her house she has a large backyard ending in some woods, the woods stretch all the way back to a little public park/pond. I decide any entry into her home should be made from the woods. I can park in the public park, walk through the woods, and come in through the back. I estimate there is little to no chance of anyone seeing me as long as I am reasonably careful. I purchased an automatic lock pick to defeat her lock, and I knew from talking with her at work that she had no other security, and at times didn’t even lock her doors.

I didn't know what to do! And then the answer came to me in a dream. A wise statue told me this:
You could start by running up the stairs to the crypt. Grab the book from the skeletons, and pass into the Pit of the Pendulum! Knock over the column, and climb into the King's Storeroom! Smash the pots to find the key that will lead you into the Chamber of the Sacred Markings. Match the symbols on the right to the runes on the left and pass into the room of The Ancient Warriors! Place yourself in the correct armor and open the door to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey!Assemble the statue and you may be headed toward The Room of the Secret Password. Find the tablet with the correct inscription and shout it out to open the door to The Pharaoh's Secret Passage. Slide down the tunnel to the quicksand bog, where you could smash through to The Dark Forest, but beware of the temple guard that may inhabit the trees! Find the key in the tree, and you'll enter the Jester's Court. Press yourself against the correct wall painting, and you'll gain entry to The Tomb of the Headless Kings! Pull the vines to release their bones, and attach the missing skull to its proper king! Then, race through the pit, climb through the ledges, race down the stairs and back through the gates. The choices are yours and yours alone!

After I have scoped out her residence and feel comfortable that it is possible to enter and exit without incident I start to seriously consider how to do it. It becomes obvious I’ll need a weapon, and for my own piece of mind I decide a gun to be best. A knife is iffy, and if we get into a scuffle I might get injured, and could need medical attention which is almost guaranteed to get me caught. I go to a gun shop and put in my application to purchase a weapon. I also browse online and find a sound suppressor. It turns out they are rather expensive ($900), but I have lots of money saved up as I rarely spend it on anything. I go ahead and order one to fit the weapon I will be purchasing as soon as I am approved. I also order a Thunderwear holster, it is a holster that goes over your crotch, and allows you to completely conceal your weapon. I consider getting a concealed weapons permit, but it costs money and requires over 10 hours of training and tests. I decide I don’t need to be completely legal, especially when the whole purpose of the weapon is to use it to intimidate and rape Jen.

With both entry and method of intimidation complete I begin to contemplate the actual deed. The first thing that I decide I need is a disguise. I want to look rather heavier than I actually am, so that if anyone manages to see me coming or going I won’t match their description. Initially I think perhaps one of those fancy fat suits is the answer, but they don’t seem very comfortable. Instead I end up with a spandex body suit, and then a bulky jacket and pants on top. My idea being I can take off the jacket and pants but leave the body suit on during the deed, thus preventing Jen from seeing any distinguishing marks on my body. I get a wig and some shoes which make me significantly taller but look like normal shoes. I also decide I will paint my face to appear black. I get all of the necessary paraphernalia ready and test out my disguise. Even looking in the mirror I look like a completely different person, 50 pounds heavier, black, different hair, taller. I feel certain anyone seeing me come or go will not provide a description that could be linked to me. With the body suit I feel comfortable that Jen will not see anything of my body that could identify me, and thanks to the wig and black make-up I am reasonably comfortable my physical appearance will not give away my identity. One problem still exists though, my voice.

This is a problem I think many rapists don’t consider, but in communicating with your victim you give them a positive ID even if they never see you. Your voice is something that is easily recognizable and will get you convicted. I am determined not to let this happen. Initially I think perhaps I could not talk at all, maybe bring post cards or some device to let me type or write out messages and show them to her. That doesn’t seem very intimidating though, and it might be hard for her to read if she is crying very hard. Plus if I mess up and say something, I’m screwed. That leads me to voice changers. Much to my surprise the average voice changer available to the public is large, loud, and handheld, 3 things that I don’t want. After scouring high and low I stumble upon the perfect solution. The voice synthesizers used by people who have their larynx removed (because of smoking or disease, you know the guy with the creepy alien voice). These come in models that are small, volume adjustable, and strap onto your neck. They only require you to whisper since they pick up the vibrations right off your throat rather than out of your mouth, plus you sound quite scary and intimidating. Sadly, like the sound suppressor, they are expensive, but I order one anyway. After it arrives I try it out and confirm it is perfect for the job, I practice with it quite a bit and get to were I can talk with no sound and without moving my mouth. It isn’t perfectly clear, but you can easily tell what I’m saying, and as I mentioned it sounds quite scary.

After I have my appearance and voice handled I move onto some of the final issues I need to resolve for my fantasy to happen and me not go to rape-me-in-the-ass prison. The next issue on my agenda is DNA evidence. With the body suit I feel pretty certain that none of my skin will get under her fingernails, and all of the hair on my body is safe except for that around the genital region. Fingerprints are also a non-issue, since I will be wearing latex gloves. Therefore, the issues left unresolved are how to handle the semen, and what to do about the hair around my genitals, which could slip through the opening I made in my suit for my PENIS. The hair is handled simply, but with a bit of a pain. I shave it off as best I can, then I use Nair. Now let me just give a warning to anyone else thinking of using Nair to get rid of all the hair in their genital region, it burns. However, after a bit of screaming I am totally hair free, nary a single strand of it remains anywhere near the opening in the suit. I am still faced with the semen problem, and it is made much more difficult because I have no intention of ruining the experience by wearing a condom.

The semen problem is one of the largest I have to overcome in my quest. It is a smoking gun if found and because I don’t intend to kill Jen there is a very high chance someone will at least try to find and ID it. The solution is as follows. First I get some very powerful birth control pills, I plan to force her to take these so as to avoid a little me popping out nine months down the road. Next I acquire some heavy duty lube/spermacide, this will help to break down the sperm inside her, plus lube it up for a more enjoyable experience. Finally, I purchase around a half gallon of semen online, this was semen donated by men at a sperm bank, and it somehow found it’s way online for a mere $800 a half gallon. For reference, a half gallon of sperm is several hundred unique samples, each in a nifty little tube all carried in a nice little cooler to keep the fish alive. To complete my tools needed to (hopefully) mask my semen I get a long needleless syringe.

I finally feel I have everything covered. I have scoped out her home, and determined how I will approach and enter. I have procured a weapon for intimidation, a silencer in-case I need to use it, and a holster to conceal it. I have an effective disguise, which changes nearly every level of my appearance, including my voice. I have removed any hair which might escape. And finally I have (hopefully) procured the tools to insure my semen is unidentifiable and inert. After so much planning and thought I am surprised the day is finally here. The thought of raping Jen actually became a hobby for me, it consumed my thoughts and free time for months, and now I was days from finally carrying it out.

The time for action came 9 days after I had finished with all my preparations. Her boyfriend had been home, but he left again, I overheard her talking with a friend at work and lamenting over the fact he would be gone for months. I waited a few days and decided to do it on a Monday night. I figured Monday was the best day, it is a weekday so she will come home and go to bed. It was near the beginning of the week so she won’t be too tired. And it is rather rare for social events to happen on a Monday night so chances are slim she will leave or that anyone will come over.

The Monday comes, and I go to work, and I have my normal fantasies all day while watching her work. She is in good health, she is as hot as ever, and to the best of my knowledge has no plans that night. After I get off I rush home to get ready, I already have most of the supplies loaded into the bulky jacket, so this doesn’t take me too long. It is slightly hampered by the fact that the sheer expectancy of how amazing it’s going to be has me rock hard, but around 7 PM I finally get everything on and ready. I have applied my black make-up and look quite black, especially in low light. My wig is on and secured. I am hot in the spandex suit with the bulky jacket and pants but I can take a little sweat for the rewards I will soon reap. I load my weapon and come to the first road block of the night, the gun will not be concealed in the holster with the suppressor attached, it is too long. It’s minor though, as there is a spot in the holster for an additional magazine, which I don’t need, so I put the suppressor there and plan to attach it after I draw my weapon. With everything ready I go to my car and drive to the park.

When I arrive at the park I am greeted by loud music and the smell of barbeque, despite my previous thought that most gatherings do not happen on Monday there is some sort of shindig going on at the park. This is both good and bad. Good because there are going to be lots of cars here late, so my car is unlikely to be noticed as the only one sitting in the parking lot, bad because there are more people to possibly see and ID me. I decide it is more good than bad, and continue with the plan. I park and walk away unnoticed. The woods I need to enter are roughly a half mile from the parking lot about halfway around the lake/pond. I walk to my destination without incident, and after checking to be sure no one is watching I casually walk into the woods. It is a short walk through the woods, and I am glad as the underbrush is thick and the going slow, as I approach the edge I slow down and once I have her house in sight I completely stop and observe it for a while. She is in the kitchen, perhaps doing dishes; I can see her through her kitchen window which looks out over the backyard. I sit down and wait. 45 minutes pass and she has finished the dishes and gone into the back I assume to take her shower and get ready for bed. This is something I fantasize about for a while, and I am happy she will be fresh and clean for me.

Another hour and a half pass before the final light in the house goes out. Everything is dark, I wait another 30 minutes then slowly leave the woods and start down her back yard. Everything Is quite except for some birds and the slight whisper of breeze, I am actually glad that I have such heavy clothing as it has become rather cold sitting outside waiting. I cross her back yard without incident, once I get to the house I go down to the window of what I think is her bedroom and listen for 5 minutes. No sound, I say a small prayer and hope that she is asleep. I return to the back door and try it, it doesn’t open. I remove the small automatic lock pick, insert it and press the button. It makes a disturbingly loud buzzing sound for 15 seconds and the lock clicks. I test it to make sure it’s open, but do not enter. I stow my pick and hide in the shadows under her bedroom window to wait and listen. After the rather loud noise of the pick I want to make sure she isn’t awake and waiting with a baseball bat to beat me to death. 30 minute pass and no sound or signs of life. I declare it safe to enter and return to the door, it opens and I carefully creep inside without a sound, I close it behind me and am not standing in Jen’s kitchen in the middle of the night mere minutes away from months of fantasy and planning.

I creep through her kitchen, and am painfully aware of every sound, the floor seems unimaginably noisy with it’s squeaks and creaks. I almost lose my nerve, but I have a raging hard-on and thousands of dollars invested so I continue. The kitchen is L shaped, and it opens into the front room and a middle room. I go through the middle room as it is the most direct route to where I think the bedroom is, every step is a challenge, and I make as little noise as possible. I get through the middle room and down the hall without incident, I am standing right outside what I think is her bedroom. I can hear her light breathing, and as I peak around the corner I confirm it is her bedroom and she is there, alone and asleep. I decide to check the last room of the house just to be sure, and accomplish this without incident. Back in front of her bedroom door, with her sleeping feet away, it is the time for action, and I am certainly ready for it.

I draw my gun and screw the suppressor on. I flip the safety off, and start to creep across the floor towards her. As I get near my pulse quicken and my cock hardens. With one swift motion I put my hand over her mouth and my gun to get head. I tell her to be silent and nothing bad will happen. The sound of the synthesized voice cuts through the silence and spooks me even though I’m expecting it, for a second she struggles and tries to scream but I hold firm. After she calms down I tell her in as few words as possible that I am going to rape her or she is going to die. I inform her that if she cooperates she will live to see tomorrow, but if she makes even one false move I will not hesitate to stain the walls with her brains. She is whimpering and starting to cry, I tell her I would rather she didn’t cry, but understand if she can’t restrain herself. After the introduction and message of intent are delivered I decide it’s time to really get down to business. I tell her that I am going to take my hand from her mouth and move away so she can get out of bed. I tell her that if she does anything other than what I instruct that I will kill her. I remove my hand and take 2 steps back, I tell her to sit up and she does. I see her eyes glance at my obvious raging hard-on, and this makes me even more excited. I tell her to stand up; I want to get a good look at her naked before I have my way with her. Months of fantasy are mere seconds from fulfillment.

I turn on the light; she blinks stunned for a moment from the sudden flood of brightness. I can see her looking at me and trying to record what she see’s. I can tell she is trying to recognize me, trying to place who I am and were I came from. However, I see no sign of recognition, no sudden dawning of who the man before her is. She is stunning as usual, wearing a semi-transparent t-shirt and panties, her nipples are poking through the shirt and I can see the outline of her pussy through her panties. I tell her to remove her shirt, she lets out a slight whimper and hesitates, but a quick movement of the gun gets her moving. She pulls the shirt off over her head and I am stunned by the magnificent boobs before me. They are quite literally a perfect set, large and amazing but perky and firm, her nipples are hard and erect. I take a few steps closer, put the gun between her eyes and reach out with the other hand to take a handful of her tit for inspection. I almost can’t control myself, I want to push her over and brutally rape her, but there is more to be done.

After playing with her boobs for a few minutes I take a step back and tell her to remove her panties. This time she does not hesitate, there is no whimper and thankfully no tears. She drops her panties to the floor and kicks them aside. Her pussy looks delicious, though not completely shaved as I had imagined, it is well trimmed and sexy. I debate with myself about making her shave it while I watch, but decide in the interest of time I can live with well trimmed. I tell her to sit on the bed and spread her legs, as she carries out my request I am in a state of total nirvana. The power, the control, the gorgeous women whom I am about to partake. It is like a dream; in fact it’s the dream I have been having for the past several months. Once she is on the bed I tell her to spread her pussy lips, she does it without question. It is amazing, perfect and pink and already surprisingly wet. I tell her to play with it a little, insert her finger, then two fingers, I am totally enthralled and my cock is dripping with pre-cum and throbbing like never before. After a bit of this foreplay I decide to move forward, I have played with her wonderful tits, I have seen her pussy. It is time for me to accomplish what I came to do.

I tell her to stand back up and turn around; again she does it like a well trained dog. I tell her that if she moves she dies, and she gives a slight whimper in reply. I quickly turn the safety of the gun on (to prevent shooting myself this late in the game) and remove my pants as quickly as I can. Then I remove the bulky jacket, laying it on a nearby chair so I can have easy access to the tools within it. Now I am standing in Jen’s bedroom in a full body spandex suit with a hole cut in the crotch for my PENIS, which is sticking erect out of the aforementioned hole. I go to my jacket and dig out the mask that goes with my spandex suit, it covers everything except my eyes and mouth and will insure even if a confrontation happens my anonymity will remain intact. With all of this done I go into my jacket again and remove the various tools I will make use of throughout the night. I arrange them in chronological sequence so when the time comes I can simply reach over and grab the next item. After all of this is done I am ready to begin.

The first item in my line-up is the bottle of lube/spermacide and the needleless syringe. I take the cap off of the lube and fill the syringe with it. I tell Jen to turn back around and sit on the bed. She complies but I see her eye my raging hard-on with interest and confusion, she thought I was black but my cock is white. I tell her to spread her legs again. Once she is in position I move up to her and tell her that she is going to put the syringe in her VAGINA and inject the lube. She nods in affirmative, I can’t help myself so I set the syringe down for a moment and play with her pussy. Even with the gloves on it is heavenly. So hot and wet and slippery, I can’t wait and my cock bobs up and down expectantly like one of those small dinosaurs from The Lost World. After I have finished I back up a few steps and tell her to insert the syringe and far as she can and then push down the plunger while pulling it out slowly. I watch as she carries out my directions perfectly, as she finally pulls the syringe all the way out lube drips out of her pussy and I am shocked into a state of awe by how amazingly hot she looks. I take a moment to reflect on how incredible my current situation is, I never thought the day would actually come, and certainly never imagined she would be so cooperative. No crying, no fighting, just resignation. I guess I make a pretty good rapist.

After my momentary loss of cohesive thought I get the birth control pill and bottle of water. I give them to her and tell her to take the pill. I tell her it is a birth control pill, and that she will need it because I am going to cum inside her. She seems to open her mouth to contest this newest revelation, but after a bit of thought she throws the pill in and takes a drink. I tell her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue as I move up to her. I put the gun to her head and I stick my hand (the same on that was in her pussy) into her mouth and check around to be sure she swallowed the pill. She had obeyed my command. There is nothing left to be done before I have my fun. The lube is ready, the pill has been taken. I move up to her and tell her to turn over and get on her hands and knees. She complies, and I inform her that I am going to fuck her now. There is no noise or recognition from her, so I go ahead. I walk up to her and touch her pussy, it is so hot and ready, the lube is still dripping from it. I take my cock and rub it in the juices all around her pussy, I rub it up and down her hot slit. I reach around and grab her tit and give it a firm squeeze, then I finally slide my cock into her warm waiting hole.

Lube pours out as my cock fills her pussy, it is so tight and hot, I am surprised by the warmth. I have had sex before, but it felt nothing like this, not nearly as intense and not nearly as warm. I slowly start to pump my cock, after only a few pumps I feel like I am ready to blow and so I pace myself. I play with her tits, I pull my cock out and rub it in her slit again, then plunge it back into the heavenly hole. I start pumping faster and harder, ramming it in as hard as I can, I can feel her pussy clinch and squeeze as it accepts every bit of my cock. She lets a few gasps as I ram her harder and harder and play with her tits. I get some of the extra lube on my finger and start playing with her ass, it is perfect and clean. I keep pumping while I continue to play with her ass, getting more lube as necessary until I slide my finger in, if I thought her pussy was tight I was mistaken, I could barely get my finger into her ass, let alone my cock, but I like a challenge.

The feelings of pleasure washing over me are so intense I actually worry I might pass out. It is incredible what months of planning and preparation do for a sexual experience. It is nothing like going to a bar and hooking up with a random chick. Lust and fantasy make the actual experience much more intense. I am still pumping her for everything I am worth and I feel the moment of climax coming, I can feel the tidal wave of lust just ready to spring forth into Jen’s pussy. I slam harder and faster and harder and faster until I can’t go anymore, it is so intense, so amazing. I grab her tit and throw my head back as one last thrust send me over the edge. Hot strings of come pour into Jen, she lets out a shocked squeak as I fill her with my seed. My knees go weak, my hands shake and tense into fists, I squeeze the trigger of the gun uncontrollably but luckily the safety is still on from when I changed clothes. I slowly pump a few more times as the final squirts of cum are injected deep into Jen’s pussy. As the climax winds down I remove my cock from her heavenly hole, cum and lube drip out freely. My cock has already gone limp, but I know it will harden again in a few minutes. I reach out and play with her newly fucked pussy, I get some of the cum on my fingers and reach around and tell her to lick it, she does and immediately I feel another hard-on building. She turned around, and looked at me, with fear in her eyes. I could tell she was scared and said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!"
I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab is rare
But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air'

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air


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