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Successful Dating

The trick to successful dating is learning how to interpret the hidden signs, those tiny giveaway gestures that can tell you so much about a person. Train yourself to recognize these key "signs.

1. Man gets in car without opening door for woman.
- No foreplay.

2. Can't hail a cab.
- Impotent.

3. Insists on going to a brand new restaurant.
- Prefers virgins.

4. Insists on going to a brand new restaurant but gets lost on the way.
- Is a virgin.

5. Takes too long deciding what to order.
- Has trouble reaching orgasm.

6. Insists on ordering for you, referring to you as "The lady willhave..."
- Thinks you had an orgasm when you didn't.

7. Asks for "the usual."
- Insists on missionary position only.

8. Asks what the specials are.
- Will want to use handcuffs.

9. Fills up on bread and crackers.
- Premature ejaculator.

10. Drinks decaf.
- Fakes orgasms.

11. Asks for detailed descriptions of desserts.
- Needs you to talk dirty during sex.

12. Credit card is refused.
- Low sperm count.

13. Under tips waiter.
- Small penis.

14. Uses toothpick.
- Is trying to tell you size isn't everything

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