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BööLauantai 10.06.2006 03:11

Jos luet tätä, kirjoita kommentti millaista elämäsi olisi ilman minua. Aloita kommenttisi "Ilman sua..." jne. Sitten lisää tämä omaan päiväkirjaasi ja katso millaista muiden elämä olisi ilman sinua.

MM fucking Kisat !!!Lauantai 20.05.2006 21:40

Ei *?¤#%&%#¤%¤"#¤%&¤%¤¤

No jos edes sen pronssin tois kotia, edes sen !!!

MM-KisatLauantai 20.05.2006 17:11

Nyt ne Suomipojjat sais ottaa sen kullan, sitä on ootettu !!

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 17.05.2006 19:17

MM-kisatTorstai 11.05.2006 14:42

Nyt se Suomi kyl sais viiä voiton, on sitä ootettu :D

Fucking ruottipojjat :/:/Sunnuntai 26.02.2006 19:48

Niin siin sit kävi... Voi '¨%&#"¤?=&%*

Esthero - I Drive AloneKeskiviikko 22.02.2006 00:31

Can't move on... but I can't go home
and I'm not so strong... but I'll make my way
to the place I know
inside my heart
where I used to go to get brave
and I don't want to be lost anymore.

gotta find my way back home.

I don't know where I g0 - but I know I drive alone.
I terribly miss you....
more than you'll ever know.
You've got to come back somehow.
You've got to come back somehow.

Can't move on... but I can't go home
and I'm not so strong... but I'll make my way
to the place I know
inside my heart
where I used to go
to get brave and....

Muisto.Perjantai 03.02.2006 20:10

Jos luet tätä, jos silmäsi liikkuvat juuri tällä hetkellä näiden sanojen yli, ole kiltti ja kirjota kommentti, jossa on muisto susta ja musta, vaikka emme edes puhuis usein. Se voi olla ihan mitä tahansa haluat - hyvää tai huonoa. Kun olet tehnyt tämän, laita tämä omaan päiväkirjaasi ja ylläty (tai kauhistu) siitä, mitä ihmiset muistavatkaan susta =)

Ocean gypsyKeskiviikko 04.01.2006 01:22

Tried to take it all away,
Learn her freedom... just inside a day,
And find her soul to find there fears are laid...
Tried to make her love their own,
They took her love... they left her there,
They gave her nothing back that she would want to own...
Gold and silver rings and stones,
Dances slowly off the moon,
No one else could know, she stands alone...
Sleeping dreams will reach for her,
She can not say the words they need,
She knows she's alone and she is free...
Ocean Gypsy of the moon,
The sun has made a thousand nights for you to hold...
Ocean Gypsy where are you?
The shadows followed by the stars have turned to gold...
Turned to gold...
Then she met a hollow soul,
Filled him with her light and was consoled,
She was the moon and he the sun was gold...
Eyes were blinded with his light...
The sun he gave reflected back the night
The moon was waning, almost out of sight...
Softly Ocean Gypsy calls...
Silence holds the stars a while,
They smile sadly for her where she falls...
Just the time before the dawn,
The sea is hushed the ocean calls her,
Day has taken her and now she's gone...
No one noticed when she died,
Ocean Gypsy shackled to the tide,
The ebbing waves, the turning spreading white...
Something gone within her eyes,
Her fingers, lifeless, stroked the sand,
Her battered soul was lost,
She was abandoned...
Silken threads like wings still shine,
Wind swept pleasures still make patterns in her lovely hair... so dark and fine...
Stands on high beneath the seas, cries no more, her tears have dried...
Ocean weep for her, the ocean sighs...

Wish you were hereKeskiviikko 04.01.2006 01:17

Wish you were here
me oh my countryman
wish you where here

Wish you were here
don't you know the stove is
getting colder
and i miss you like hell
and i'm feeling blue

I've got feelings for you babe
do you still feel the same
from the first time i laid my
eyes on you
i felt joy of living
i saw heaven in your eyes in
your eyes

I miss your laugh i miss
your smile
i miss everything about you
every second's like a minute
every minute's like a day
when you're far away

Wish you were here
the stove is getting colder baby
wish you were here
a battlefield of love and fear

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