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There are various sites on the internet that have chat rooms. Chat rooms allow users to meet and chat anonymously. These chat rooms are designed by designers and programmers in such a way that you can communicate with several people online at the same time.

In busy chat (چت روم شلوغ) , you can easily communicate with many people and talk about a specific task or topic. You can find friends of the same age and even opposite sex and chat with each other on different topics. You can also make new friends in the field of work.

Note that since you don't know the people in the chat room, you can't trust them, then refrain from disclosing your personal information and don't deceive unknown people with promises or words and just as a pastime. Use it at your leisure.

Advantages of chat rooms
Due to the fact that no one sees you in chat rooms ( چتروم ) and your personal information is not revealed, you can communicate with your friends and share your heartache with them and lighten up a bit.

Increase social communication
As we said before, you can find friends of the same age or field and field in chat rooms and expand your circle of social relations.

Increase self-confidence
Chatting with friends in chat rooms without being judged makes us feel good and over time our self-confidence will increase.

Getting out of loneliness
There are many people who do not have many friends and acquaintances in the real world and feel very lonely. Chatting in chat rooms to find friends is highly recommended for these people.

think together
You can consult and think with your friends in different fields and use their experiences in different fields.

Insignificant cost
Chatting through chat rooms will cost you very little.

Strengthen the language
You can find friends in chat rooms who are fluent in English or any other language. You can ask them to talk to you as a partner. Learning a language in a conversational way is great and makes you remember more words.

A suitable environment for introverts
As you know, introverts are shy, and chat rooms are a suitable environment for this group of people to find friends of their own age.

You can experience all these things in Golshan Chat (گلشن چت) and find new friends and chat with your friends in an anonymous space.

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