[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 15.12.2009 00:33

I write the lines you want me to, with the words I dare to use of all
the ones that you have taught me, along the years

You cast a perfect shadow on the paper, fade away with sunlight, I fear
the way you know me, love can leave a stain

You steal my only hope and make me stay awake another night, I wish you
bear with me, stay near me
When the Autumn leaves have fallen....
Solitude, my pain, the last thing left of me..

If you fall I'll catch, if you love I'll love, and so it goes, my dear
don't be scared
you'll be safe, this I swear. If you only love me

Seven lonely lies written on Deadwinter's night, open the only book with
the only poem I can read
In blood I sign my name and seal the midnight with a tear, burn the
paper, every line for them I cried

I am the Playwrite and you are my Crown, make me cry for your love, like
you've done many times, so I know
I can't write these storylines without you, Lady pain, make me strong
can't we be together without them forever

The words I write can only hurt you, sorry for the rain, thank you, my
only one, you gave me this pain
I leave you gently on the floor, take one step towards the door
where's the letter never written, goodnight now

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