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Your words are the most important tools that you have as a writer. That is the reason teachers, professors, and lecturers always ask to improve or increase vocabulary. Many students, couldn’t express their thoughts due to lack of sufficient vocabulary. So, every student must strive for increasing their vocabulary.

Here are the most helpful and easy-to-follow ways to improve your vocabulary:

•Memorize at least three words per day, and make it mandatory all through the year. If possible stretch it to five words per day. The best time to memorize the new words is the morning. Write down the words in a separate exercise book, and use the exercise book as your vocabulary journal. Review the old words, whenever you get time. In this way, you will be able to increase your vocabulary manifold.

•Mere memorizing the words will not keep them in your memory for a long time. More you can apply the words in sentences, more they will stay in your memory. So, practice to apply them in your daily task, like in the essays, report writing, or even when you are doing some personal jobs.

•Find the words that are not known to you. While reading newspaper, blogs, emails, or listening news, you may come across many unknown words. If you don’t have time to research on them right away, take a note of them and refer online or a good dictionary later to know their actual meanings and different applications.

•You can try your hand in word puzzles. These games are fun, and also the best way to increase vocabulary. Crosswords, word searches and cryptograms, etc. can boost your vocabulary in a short span of time.

•Edit your own writing several times, and each time try to use more dynamic words than before. This will induce you to handle new words continuous, and you will also learn to apply the words in different situations.

Increasing vocabulary is important for the better assignment writing help. Students often fail to narrate an incident or explain a topic clearly due to lack of good vocabulary. Once you start memorizing and applying new words, this problem will be sorted out immediately.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind the following aspects:

•Increasing vocabulary will not work alone, as long as you are not properly applying them in your writing. You’ll not be able to apply them suitably, if you have not practiced to use them in sentences. So, just use the words while writing and speaking.

•Always try to increase your vocabulary that is suitable for your subject also. If you are learning medicines, or nursing, learn the terminologies of your field; or, if you are in engineering, learn new terms frequently used in your subject. This is too important in your profession. So, along with general vocabulary, also know commonly used terms in your subject.

Once, you start memorizing and applying new words, you will find it very interesting job. But, never stop learning new words. Words are your strength, and utterly important for writing impressive assignments.

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