madness embracing me

Muse - Map Of The ProblematiqueTiistai 30.03.2010 01:14

Your defining lyric: "Why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same." You might say you're the anti-Starlight. Where "Starlight" sings of optimism even when separated from loved ones, MOP is the song of longing; cries for freedom from despair. As a "Map..." you tend to think more on the dark side. While you may not be an all-out pessimist, you tend to see how things can go wrong rather than what would happen if they went right. You are more realistic, though, and understand limitations remarkably well. You are great at setting goals for yourself because you can see, realistically, where you are most likely to reach. But don't be afraid of a little creativity in your life- sometimes that extra push can boost you past those expectations.

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