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012Keskiviikko 20.01.2010 21:32

[Eli lyriikat, joita yritän epätoivoisesti opetella ulkoa]
Inflammation of the foreskin reminds me of your smile
I've had ballanital chancroids for quite a little while
I gave my heart to NSU that lovely night in June
I ache for you, my darling and I hope you get well soon
My penile warts, your herpes, my syphilitic sores
Your monilial infection, how I miss you more and more
Your dhobi's itch, my scrumpox, our lovely gonorrhea
At least we both were lying when we said that we were clear
Our syphilitic kisses sealed the secret of our tryst
You gave me scrotal pustules with a quick flick of your wrist
Your trichovaginitis sent shivers down my spine
I got snail tracks in my anus when your spirochetes met mine
Gonoccocal urethritis, streptococcal ballinitis
Meningo myelitis, diplococcal cephalitis
Epididymitis, interstitial keratitis
Syphilitic choroiditis, and anterior uveitis
My clapped out genitalia is not so bad for me
As the complete and utter failure every time I try to pee
My doctor says my buboes are the worst he's ever seen
My scrotum's painted orange and my balls are turning green
My heart is very tender though my parts are awful raw
You might have been infected but you never were a bore
I'm dying from your love, my love, I'm your spirochætal clown
I've left my body to science but I'm afraid they've turned it down

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