zeroSunnuntai 20.01.2008 00:44

I've never done anything this hard
But what is done is done
And now I have to keep moving on
Even if it hurts like hell.

do not hesitateTorstai 17.01.2008 19:38

Mitä silmät ei nää
sen sydän ymmärtää
totuutta etsii kestävää

Mitä silmät ei nää
sen sydän ymmärtää
jossakin kaipaus hellittää

breathTorstai 17.01.2008 19:18

Anna mulle aikaa, älä hoputa
Nuoruus pitää kokee, se pitää elää
Ryömitään ja sitte kävellään

week threeSunnuntai 13.01.2008 23:02

I'm against myself again
trying to fit these pieces in
walking on a cloud of dust to get where I should be

I cannot pretend that everything makes sense
but does it really matter now
if I do not know how
to figure this thing out

one step forward two steps backwardsTiistai 08.01.2008 15:35

Built a wall around my heart
I’ll never let it fall apart
But strangely I wish secretly
It would fall down while I'm asleep

But I guess we'll never knowSunnuntai 30.12.2007 22:05

Here I stand
With this weight upon my heart
And it will not go away
In my head I keep on looking back
Right back to the start
Wondering what it was that made you change

Well I tried
But I have to draw the line
And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind

It's timePerjantai 28.12.2007 19:46

Face the truth girl...

questionKeskiviikko 26.12.2007 16:40

Who's playing who

holidayLauantai 22.12.2007 18:56

Mä tilaan triplana en tuplana
Tilaan triplana näen tuplana