i'll see you when i fall asleep

471Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 02:19

nothing much...
just want to spend my whole life with you

470Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 01:43

469Lauantai 30.06.2012 23:35

my legs are dangling off the edge
the bottom of the bottle is my only friend
i think i'll slit my wrists again and i'm gone
my legs are dangling off the edge
a stomach full of pills, didn't work again
i'll put a bullet in my head and i'm gone

468Lauantai 30.06.2012 23:32

when you were young, you never thought you'd die
found that you could, but too scared to try
looked in the mirror and you said goodbye
climbed to the roof to see you if could fly

466Torstai 28.06.2012 17:19

things would be better if you'd just hold my hand.

461Tiistai 19.06.2012 01:12

uuet hiukset! näyttää allöttävän värisilt mut ei ne oo, valo tekee sen.. ja on ne otsahiustenkii alt tollaset, mut paska valo (:

460Maanantai 04.06.2012 01:02

457Torstai 17.05.2012 14:13

I wish, you'd just tell me, why you really left.

456Torstai 17.05.2012 14:00

Heartbeats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love, when I'm afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

455Tiistai 15.05.2012 22:09

pari sanaa rakkaudesta joskus on sanottava uudestaa,
kyyneleet valuu pettymyksen lampeen ja saa tunteet katoamaan