i'll see you when i fall asleep

476Tiistai 17.07.2012 18:43


475Tiistai 17.07.2012 13:11

474Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 02:24

473Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 02:22

ja nyt kun näät mut kadulla oot kun et mua tuntiskaan,
käännä päätäs vaan,
hyvä niin, älä vaan tuu lähellekkää mua sen uuden ämmäs kaa

472Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 02:20

471Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 02:19

nothing much...
just want to spend my whole life with you

470Sunnuntai 01.07.2012 01:43

469Lauantai 30.06.2012 23:35

my legs are dangling off the edge
the bottom of the bottle is my only friend
i think i'll slit my wrists again and i'm gone
my legs are dangling off the edge
a stomach full of pills, didn't work again
i'll put a bullet in my head and i'm gone

468Lauantai 30.06.2012 23:32

when you were young, you never thought you'd die
found that you could, but too scared to try
looked in the mirror and you said goodbye
climbed to the roof to see you if could fly

466Torstai 28.06.2012 17:19

things would be better if you'd just hold my hand.