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This is the one tuli postissaaaa *
* nami.


no en mä enää mee nukkumaanTiistai 29.12.2009 09:11

- Spell "perfection"
- M-A-R-L-U-X-I-A
- ...Incorrect

oho nukkumaan ehkäTiistai 29.12.2009 07:25

- Why do you have his pet?
- Well... um.. you know. I'm babysitting! I mean, Chestersitting! But I'm not sitting on Chester or anything...

oh godTiistai 29.12.2009 04:06

(Mission: From the list you just read, pick the sentences that are fit for you)

[x]You tromp around in your Fathers gigantic loafers, wondering how Sora walks in such colossal shoes.
[x] After you beat the game, it hits you like a ton of bricks.
[x] You try to do double jumps on the trampoline, like Sora, but fail miserably.
[x] You ponder about what it would be like to make out with someone as hot and sexy as Sora/Riku/Roxas/etc.
[ ] You get lost in the woods looking for the tree with the door that leads to Halloween Town.
[x]You annoy your friends and family with impressions of Goofy falling off a cliff. "YAHOHOHOOOYYY...!!!
[x] You now refer to Mickey Mouse as "King Mickey" like that's always been his name.
[x] When you are in a swimming pool, you imagine Mer-Sora swimming along at the bottom corner of the pool. You then start to freak yourself out.
[x..] When you're in a snowball fight you yell, "FREEZE!", before you throw.
[] You go to Disney Land and ask the Princesses if they're alright after their traumatic experience.
[x...] Whenever you're going to get your period, you deny your obvious PMS and say that you're just being possessed by Ansem.
[x] Cry your ass off during certain cut-scenes even though you've seen them like a THOUSAND times.
[x] You get creeped out every time Dr. Finklestein opens his top and scratches his brain.
[x] You sit up and write all of this stuff in hopes that SOMEONE might care!
[x...] Every time you watch the Little Mermaid now you see Sora, Donald, and Goofy singing along with Ariel and Sebastian.
[x...] In fact...every Disney movie featured in the KH games runs through your mind with Sora in them now...
[x...] In the shower you frequently find yourself singing Simple and Clean (Hikari), or Sanctuary (Passion).
[x] You laugh your ass off in the middle of a silent room thinking about bloopers for the KH video games (i.e. Sora throwing the Keyblade in an attempt to do Strike Raid and it hitting the camera and breaking it).
[x] In Sleeping Beauty The Maleficent Dragon never looked scarier...
[x] While flying the gummi ship you stand up off of whatever you're sitting on and move with the ship while shouting, "DIE, DIE, DIEEEEEEEEE!
[x] Winnie the Pooh suddenly comes back in your life.
[x] You tune in frequently to Ebay to see if that Keyblade price has lowered any.
[x] The Nightmare Before Christmas becomes your favorite Tim Burton movie.
[x] You yell, "USE THE GIANT KEY IN YOUR FREAKING HAND!!!" at Sora since he has the Keyblade, is HOLDING IT, and SEES the locked door and all he can say is, "It's locked..."
[x] You dream you fall into a dream world and fight the Darkside Heartless.
[x] If you hear the word 'key' you immediately start paying attention.
[x] You notice little things about yourself similar to characters in KH.
[x...]You try to lock your door by holding the key in front of the Keyhole.

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And btw, Hikki herself stated that she would not only play her english stuff, but songs that her fans want to hear.

ok tää on ihan liikaa.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.12.2009 18:40

JOO SIIS en toki itkeny tos BbSän uudes traileris MUN ON PAKKO AVAUTUU JOLLEKULLE....!!!

mun oli pakko ostaa...Lauantai 26.12.2009 18:30


SAINTorstai 24.12.2009 22:06

- kylpytakin FINALLY
- sukat, paidan ja yökkärin salee toi paita ei mee mulle (Y)
- ponnareit ja pinnei
- kaikki mitä tarviin siihen torkkelin pääsykokeeseen
- seppälän lahjakortti
- joku rasva ja kuorintajuttu
- kiroileva siili -lakanat
- 100 e amazon.comiin *_* paras lahja grr

saan sit törsättävää lontooseen ja nykiin et kyl kelpaa ´3`

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hups voisin mennä nukkuu lol

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 24.12.2009 03:06

♥ ♥ hyvää jouluuuu en jaksa sanoo kaikil erikseen =)