[Ei aihetta]Torstai 30.09.2010 16:27

Wait dear
The time is getting late here

I'm all washed up
and graced with faint applause
Dressed in a cheap facade
I'm looking for a place I'll never see again

A night turns to a day
A street I've never walked on
I was never here
Just a faint reflection

A day turns to a month
A second of affection
I was never here
Just a faint reflection

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 29.09.2010 00:41

niin v i t u n hyvä ;~;

AATiistai 21.09.2010 03:35

give it to meeeeh

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 20.09.2010 22:29

Kuka haluu mun tarrakuvan? .D meinaan lähetän toi takasi jos kukaan ei haluu.

ja FYI nää on ihan hirveit näytän rupikonnalt et harkitkaa ennenku haluutte mua lompakonkoristeeks etc.
I’m sorry..
If I’m not skinny enough for you to see my ribs.
If I’m not pretty enough to be your girl.
If I’m not tan enough for you.
If I’m not a playboy model so I don’t act like a porn star for you.
If i don’t have a dream body that turns you on.
If I’m too tall or too short for you.
If i won’t drop down to my knees to get you to like me.
If my hair isn’t just the way you like it.

But most of all…

I'm just sorry.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 14.09.2010 21:09

.. Ja kaikki onnittelee Noomia!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATorstai 09.09.2010 21:00

Oon odottanu tätä NIIN monta vuotta... en tajuu.
Iskä anto ton paketin ja tiesin heti mikä se on.. itku kurkussa otin sen ja ja ja en tiiä kädet tärisee vois alottaa ton.... APUA!1

アクロクdayPerjantai 13.08.2010 05:20

"Let's meet, in the next life."
"Yeah. I'll be waiting."

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 11.08.2010 06:55

I have often dreamed
Of a far off place
Where a great warm welcome
Would be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer
When they see my face
And a voice keeps saying
This is where I'm meant to be

I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know every mile
Will be worth my while
When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 10.08.2010 01:17

"Now now, come on Roxy, introduce me properly." Axel folded his arms, waiting for me to introduce him. "Think of it as …real life skills. You know, introducing people to others, introducing yourself to others, that sort of thing."

"Olette, this is me." I replied, putting the bananas into the cart.