mitä toi bamlaa?

<3Keskiviikko 26.05.2010 14:28

Since the day that we met
I've never had anyone make me feel this way
And my heart is sure it wants to be with you
Wanna give you the whole world... ohh
If you make the promise to me, you're gonna stay
Without you guiding me, I'm lost and so confused

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing never that bad that we would be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together

I know I left you stranded
And you paid the price
I know you're so afraid but I want to show that you dont have to

IHA VITU JEPAMaanantai 03.05.2010 18:12

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 23.04.2010 01:27

Now listen to me baby
Before I love and leave ya
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna deceive ya

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
Imma tear you apart
Told you from the start,
Baby from the start.

JOOSunnuntai 18.04.2010 16:04

kertokaa toki eilisestä :D

visa on söpö nimiLauantai 17.04.2010 19:50

kaikki bailaa iha kybäl !!! kello on 10vaille viis ja oon oksentanu 10 kertaa vähintää!!!!! +hese vaa kerran.... hävettää :((((

moi, oon pekka.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 16.04.2010 20:51

Now Romeo & Juliet,
They could never felt the way we felt,
Bonnie & Clyde,
Never had to hide
Like We do,

You and i both know it can't work,
It's all fun and games,
'til someone gets hurt,
And i don't,
I won't let that be you...

Now you don't wanna let go,
And i don't wanna let you know,
There might be something real between us two, who knew?
Now we don't wanna fall but,
We're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy,
'cause i know you can't love me here.

See like Adam & Eve,
Tragedy was a destiny,
Like Sunny & Cher,
I don't care,
I got you baby...

See we both,
Fightin' every inch of our fiber,
'cause in a way,
It's gonna end right but,
We are both too foolish to stop...

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 13.04.2010 17:25

"tupakkaa voi pyytää keneltä tahansa, ja sitä saa keneltä tahansa, mutta voiko pyytää tuopista hörppyä?"

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 11.04.2010 18:06

See boy we used to be a team
Runnin the streets
We was living out our dream
You used to be my rider
I was your provider
Now we separated in two
Oh we was burning up the block
And everybody know when we step in the spot
See, we was like the dynamic duo
Id never thought that you'd go, but you did uh, yeah you did

And I don't wanna go, go
I don't wanna go, go
I don't wanna it no, no
I don't wanna it no, no
I don't want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo

homies<3Sunnuntai 11.04.2010 17:07

okei oli ehkä parasta, mul on iso family ♥ luv you guys♥ uusiks taas :) "nenän pää, neenän pää, siellä se jussikin jo temmeltää, nenän pää, neenän pää,siellä jussi etsii uutta ystävää" :) hahaha ootte parhaita♥