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[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 15.12.2007 01:55

No ihan vitun sama....Antaa olla...En puutu...
Antaa asian olla...VittuSaatanaHemmettiPerrrkele!

Because it cuts so deep to see myself wishing upon melting
stars I cut the cord I finally give in... Beyond visions of wretched
smiles and the dread that they've befriended I have seen an end
to you and I (when did "we" begin) and a warped sense of being
that I embrace must exist and we with whole hearts yet broken
words. We dream of wisdom but I yearn only for you. You will
destroy me with words that you have never spoken...
I've drawn a picture of us twisted within, yet below this
world I absorb life from portraits. As long as we remain
abreast of one another we will never meet each other.
As long as we whisper to one another we will never fully
hear each other. As long as my eyelids are weighed down
by desire and one dying wish. I will never know when you

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